OUR TOURS | Discover Cuisine, Crafts and Stories - Bodrum Like a Local!

  • Stroll through the Aegean coastal town of Bodrum with your host, and admire pretty bougainvillea blossoming in the sun.   
  • Gain rich insight into Turkish culture and lifestyle in this charming corner of the Mediterranean.   
  • Wander among the bustling stalls of Bodrum Bazaar, where local makers trade traditional arts, crafts, and beautifully designed jewelry. 
  • Visit the workshop of a master Turkish rug- and carpet-maker, and find out what makes these traditionally crafted items so popular. 
  • Discover Bodrum’s creative side as you admire locally made artworks in creative centers set off Bodrum’s beaten trail.    
  • Sample tasty home-made street food such as döner, midye tava, baklava, sucuk, köfte, şalgam and ayran, as your host shares helpful tips to enjoy your time in Bodrum to the full.   
  • Enjoy personalized attention from your host on this small-group experience, limited to 10 people.
Experience the best of Turkish tradition, creativity, and cuisine in Bodrum on our 2.5-hour cultural experience. Follow your engaging host through the narrow streets, and smell the heady scent of blooming bougainvillea in the air. Browse traditional arts and crafts at locally owned stores in the bustling bazaar, and delve into Bodrum’s creative side among hidden galleries off the tourist trail. You’ll sample home-made street food and decadent sweet treats, savour fresh Turkish coffee, and enjoy personalised attention from your host on this small-group tour – limited to 12 people.
This tour can also be customised for private groups of upto 12 people. Please contact us for more details.

  • Meet your Host, and Explore Traditional Mediterranean Culture in Bodrum: Meet your friendly host in the heart of beautiful Bodrum, Turkey, and set off through the narrow streets to begin your cultural experience. Admire the colorful bougainvillea flowers adorning Bodrum’s white-fronted houses, and listen as your host shares insight into traditional life and local culture in this charming corner of the Aegean.    
  • Stroll Through Bodrum Bazaar Like a Local!: Browsing the diverse stalls of Bodrum Bazaar, discover specialty stores for products including peştemal (towels used in Ottoman Hammam), wood block-printed scarves, handmade silver, and jewelry and leather bags made in Bodrum.  You’ll also find a fine range of textiles, arts, and crafts to perhaps buy for yourself or loved ones back home. We’ll visit the atelier of an expert Turkish carpet- and rug-maker with 50 years’ experience, and learn why his locally made carpets and rugs make their way right around the world! Here, perhaps pick up a souvenir of your travels for your own home. All the stores and boutiques we visit on the tour are owned and run by local families, which offers unique insight into Bodrum’s culture and society.  
  • Explore the Worlds of Turkish Art, Artisanship, and Local Style: Delve into the creative side of Bodrum among lesser-known venues and cultural centers set away from the tourist trail, and admire beautiful artworks from the wide variety of local artists on display. In a Turkish designer’s store nestled among the side-streets, browse garments featuring Oriental and European styles, and see how traditional Turkish design has influenced global fashions.   
  • Experience Bodrum Through its Delicious Cuisine: Bodrum’s cuisine features fresh seafood and traditional recipes handed down through the generations, and no visit is complete without a few tastings! As we explore, you’ll learn the role Bodrum’s home-made street food plays in the town’s local culture. We’ll stop four or so times along the way to sample delicious street food such as baklava (layered filo pastry filled with nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey), Bodrum special doner (a delicious kebab with marinated seasonal vegetables and Bodrum’s secret sauce), and midye tava (crispy mussel snacks on a stick. With local fisherman bringing in new hauls of fresh seafood every day, you’re spoiled for choice!  We’ll sample traditional baked goods at a local patisserie dating back to 1876, and savor a steaming cup of Turkish tea or coffee. And of course, the highest quality Turkish Delight also features on our home-made and hand-made tasting menu. 
  • Your Host Shares Hints and Tips to Enjoy the Best of Bodrum: Along the way we’ll visit local neighbourhoods, and see traditional Bodrum houses where families have lived for generations. Listen as your host shares local stories, and hear helpful tips to make the most of your time in beautiful Bodrum.
  • At least 4 types of local street food 
  • Traditional cold and hot beverages    
  • Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price of the tour.
  • Local carpet and rug store appointments are by reservation only. This is a privately owned, famous store so the prices are lower and they ship for free. Please email us right after your booking if you would like to shop Turkish rugs or carpets and we can confirm availability.  Serious inquiries only as this is an individual owner.
Dietary Restrictions
Private Tours:
  • Please e-mail us in advance, and we will tailor the tastings to your preferences.
Public Tours:
  • Pescatarians and Vegetarians: You are welcome to sample our local cuisine, if you are flexible on where we stop for tastings.
  • Vegans: You are welcome to sample our local cuisine, if you are flexible on tasting only local drinks and only at selected stops.
  • Please tell us of your dietary restrictions when ordering, at the stops on our tour.
* The food points are selected according to the world health organisation standards. It’s your responsibility to know of any allergies you may have, and to check the ingredients of the food with the vendors on the tour if you have any concerns.